Monday, October 29, 2018

What is Self care

In this busy tech life we often forget about our self. 

We are busy making everyone happy and satisfied with the responsibilities on our head. We never think about I.

The I we always learnt about to make it as WE or YOU  to help and love others is lost in the busy lives of responsibilities or another world of social life...

Now what this a one letter word is I need in this busy life of ours.

The word is simple Self Care.

What is Self Care ?

Self care many of us know it's the care of our self but in what ways we should care about our self.

Here what we are for:

  • It comprises of those activities independently by an individual to promote and maintain personal well-being through out their life.

  • It is also a practice that mature person perform and initiate within the time frames, on their own behalf and in interest of maintaining  healthy life , mind and body.

Self care is what makes you feel good and happy. When u are doing something there is a smile and no anxiety , no stress is around you.

It is the place that yours and you are the Queen (Her) or King (his) of your soul to feed them. It's kind of date party with your soul.



It can be doing any activities like caring for yourself, giving bubble bath, pamper yourself, painting, writing, traveling, walk or run around a park, talking to old friends or parents , etc. 

The list is long because every human being is different

Sometimes Self care become boring but we can even enjoy that as well because we are nourishing it , pampering it and caring it like we do for others.

How to practice Self Care?

SelfcareEveryday will help you to care about yourself for at-least 30 min of day to learn about how important is You for your own body, soul, mind and emotions.

To start with a day a saying for self care :

Nourish Yourself in a day that help you blossom in the direction you want to attain.

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